Insulating Materials

Dielectric resins and varnishes are the responsible materials for protecting and insulate electric motors and transformers, providing mechanical strength, resistance to vibrations and wear, moisture protection, and improving efficiency. Insolutions offers expert advice in the correct selection and application process of these products, ensuring optimal results in all types of electrical machinery.


Laminated rigid insulation boards are a special range of composite materials obtained by stacking multiple pre-impregnated layers of reinforcing fibers and specially formulated resins bonded together by means of high pressure and temperature to achieve an extremely resistant thermoset product with excellent thermal, mechanical, and electrical properties. These laminates are used in a multitude of demanding applications. 

With a complete workshop equipped with specialized machinery, at Insolutions we can convert all kinds of rigid insulation boards into finished and customized pieces to meet the specific needs of each customer.

Flexible insulation are laminated materials composed of combinations of layers of different types of fibers and films. They stand out for their excellent combination of dielectric properties and thermal and mechanical resistance, making them suitable for withstanding high temperature working conditions and mechanical demands in electric motors, generators, and other electromechanical equipment.

Insolutions offers a comprehensive and competitive product conversion service through machinery for rewinding, slitting, folding, bonding, and custom die-cutting of this range of materials, adapting to the needs and specifications of each project.

Cinta aislante de poliester para “masking” B204

Tapes and Cords

Woven tapes, technical adhesive tapes, and tying cords designed for electromechanical applications. Insolutions specializes in providing customized solutions and ensuring the proper use of all kinds of tapes and cords in your application.

Flexible insulating sleeves and connection cables and leads, specifically designed for the protection and insulation of terminals in a wide range of electrical appliances. These products are designed to withstand high working temperatures, withstand organic solvents and dielectric oils, while keeping its flexibility and providing a high level of electrical safety.

Thermal monitoring and control components are designed for precise temperature monitoring and control in a variety of industrial applications. These elements are used to protect electric machines and all types of equipment against thermal overheating, ensuring safe operation or timely disconnection if necessary.

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