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Vacuum and Pressure Impregnation Plants (VPI Technology) are essential for both, original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and maintenance companies dealing with motors, generators, and transformers.

Vacuum and Pressure Impregnation Plants (VPI Technology) is essential to optimize the impregnation process of low, medium and high voltage insulation systems, as well as obtaining compact coils of maximum quality, with excellent electrical, mechanical, and thermal endurance characteristics, always in accordance with the most demanding environmental standards.

At Insolutions, we are focused at understanding the requirements of each client in order to offer customized solutions. We design custom equipment, manufacture it, and carry out exhaustive validation tests. In addition, we offer commissioning of the equipment and support during the first processes. Insolutions takes also care of the maintenance and calibration of the VPI plants to maximize uptimes and return of the investment.

What sets Insolutions apart from competition is our extensive knowledge in the field of electrical insulation. We understand all components of the system: solid insulation, varnishes and resins, impregnation and curing process of electric machines. This unique combination of knowledge and products allows us to offer to our customers a comprehensive and expert approach to all stages of the process.

We specialize in the manufacture of impregnation tanks within a wide range of diameters: from 0.5 meters to 6 meters, in both vertical and horizontal configurations. In addition, we offer the ability to customize the equipment at different levels and combine different tanks and impregnation systems in the same installation.

To ensure optimal control of your insulation process, Insolutions offers automatic systems in all the equipment with the option of installing more complete and specific software modules, such as SCADA, to monitor your machines. This allows for complete traceability and storage of process data to generate reports, look up, and analysis of previous impregnations.

Insolutions has developed a variety of add-ons and extra features to improve the functionality of the equipment, such as continuous measurement of the dielectric capacity (capacitance) of the coils, viscosity measurement of the stored resin using solid-state maintenance-free sensors, load cells in storage tanks for exact resin usage and cost control, as well as the design and manufacture of custom volume displacers according to the needs of the client.

All equipment manufactured by Insolutions is built in accordance to CE manufacturing standards and safety regulations. In addition, if other standards such as ASME or GOST are required, the calculations, design, and manufacture are adapted to fully comply with these additional specifications.

Our resin storage tanks are designed with optimal resin handling in mind. The tanks feature programmable agitation functions, temperature control, and continuous vacuum monitoring. Thanks to these capabilities, Insolutions maximizes the properties and shelf life of your valuable stored resin.

For equipment with a diameter smaller than 2.5 m, Insolutions can offer compact, preassembled  units to minimize installation works and on-site testing procedures.

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