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We are a leading company in the field of Vacuum Impregnation. Specializing in the manufacturing and design of state-of-the-art equipment for Vacuum Impregnation (VI).

VI technology has become an indispensable option for maintenance workshops and manufacturers of small motors and transformers who wish to take maximum advantage of the modern, high-performance, impregnation resins. The advantage of these compact-sized units lies in their versatility and efficiency, allowing for complete and uniform impregnation of components, even in those with complex geometries or insulation structures that tend to retain air pockets. The vacuum impregnation process allows the resin to effectively penetrate cavities, preventing the formation of moisture pockets and ensuring solid and reliable insulation.

In addition to the manufacturing of standard VI equipment, we specialize in designing and developing customized solutions for special applications and processes. Our team of experts is fully qualified at understanding the unique needs of each customer and in offering tailor-made solutions that perfectly fit the requirements and specifications.

With extensive experience in the field of electric machine impregnation, Insolutions masters the use of epoxy-based resins as well as polyester, silicone, and water or solvent-based varnishes. Our VI vacuum impregnation machines are specially designed to process stators, rotors, armatures and low-voltage transformers, providing an efficient and precise process.

Thanks to our in-deep knowledge in the field of insulation and our comprehensive approach to all stages of the process, at Insolutions we can adapt the design of the equipment to the specific needs of each customer and the particularities of the resin used.

At Insolutions, quality is an absolute priority. All manufactured equipment meets or surpasses the highest standards of quality and safety. Additionally, they comply with established regulations and requirements, such as CE manufacturing standards, and, if necessary, they are adjusted to other specific regulations such as ASME or GOST.

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