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Maximize energy efficiency with our Insolutions hot air convection curing ovens. From the polymerization of resins to the drying of parts, our versatile ovens are available in a wide range of different dimensions and can be adapted to your needs.

Curing ovens are essential for the resin polymerization process after impregnation. In some cases, they are also used for the curing of banding tapes in armatures, expansion of magnetic cores and shafts for easier assembly and pre-drying of parts. Insolutions manufactures highly energy-efficient convection curing ovens, which can operate with electricity, gas, other fossil fuels, and even hydrogen from renewable sources. These ovens are available in a wide range of dimensions, from 0.5 × 0.5 × 0.5 meters to 5 x 5 x 6 meters. They can be adapted to the specific requirements of the client and customized with features such as manual or motorized platforms driven by hydraulic cylinders, motorized chain, or even self-propelled systems with electric batteries.

The standard doors of the ovens are of manual opening, but many different options are also possible such as doors attached to the platform, automatic swing doors, or guillotine-type doors.

The maximum standard operating temperature of the ovens is 200ºC, although ovens can be manufactured for temperatures up to 300ºC. The curing ovens are supplied as standard with a stainless-steel interior lining, and the electrical heaters are evenly distributed along the walls to ensure a uniform temperature distribution and fast warm up ramps. The air recirculation inside the ovens is modular and independent in each zone and side.

The ovens are equipped with a control system based on adaptative PID control technologies managed by PLC, and they feature a full-color graphic interface (HMI) that always allows the user to monitor the status of the oven. In addition, it is possible to program different temperature ramps with independent curing times and delayed start of the process. The standard control configuration features remote assistance when the oven is connected to the Internet.

Our standard curing ovens are designed and built to maximize energy efficiency, but at Insolutions we have developed technologies that allow active control of smoke evacuation or speeding up the cooling process. These advances are especially interesting in gas ovens, for the polymerization of resins with flammable solvents, or for ovens used alternatively for the drying of components. 

The temperature of the ovens is constantly monitored by one or several high-precision PT100 type probes. At customer’s request, more temperature measurement points can be added, as well as temperature probes in the parts in order to continuously evaluate the progress and quality of the curing.

Internal platforms and trolleys can be equipped with specially designed supports and motorized rotating rollers of fixed or variable speed that can rotate the components during the first phases of curing to obtain perfect uniformity and maximum coverage of the final layer of resin or varnish. Furthermore, we can offer options for active recovery of resin from secondary drainage to minimize resin losses in environments with a high volume of production.

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